Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


On 4 June, things came full circle, geographically speaking; by returning to Atlanta my drive around North America formed a complete loop. I stayed in Atlanta until 11 June, at which time I flew to Europe, where I stayed for 7 weeks. During this time in Atlanta, I also met up for a friend from college, Rachel, a couple times. Atlanta has a lot of really great restaurants, bars, and breweries – I think a lot of people underestimate it in this respect.

While there, I stayed with old friends (Kevin & Robert), but if that wasn’t generous enough of them, they also took care of my car while I was in Europe. They had told me before that they were thinking of purchasing a Tesla, and I was hoping by leaving it with them that they’d get to experience what it’s like having one for an extended period of time, but I don’t think they drove it all that much.