Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


From 17 to 23 April, I stayed in Boise, ID; this was my second visit to Boise, the first being a quick stop while on a previous drive across the country. From that first visit, I learned that it’s actually a cute, little city, just happens to be kind of in the middle of nowhere.

After talking to a handful of people in Boise about their city, I get the feeling that, while they enjoy their city, they are in no hurry to spread the word about where they live, and would prefer to keep it for themselves. While I’m not trying to say that Boise is the greatest place on Earth that no one knows about, I would say that I did come to have an appreciation for what it has to offer.

I have no idea what those offerings might be in terms of cultural activities; it does have an array of outdoor options, an appreciation for local foods (more than just potatoes), a health-conscious population, in a small city package.