Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


After Stockholm, I spent a week in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was the third time I had been to Copenhagen, and much like my previous visits to the city: I loved it, it’s certainly one of my favorite cities in Europe.

This time around, I visited places I hadn’t in the past: Kastellet (or The Citadel), Freetown Christiania, and the National Museum of Denmark. I really enjoyed Copenhagen Street Food on PapirØen (Paper Island), so much so that I went back a second time.

On my last night there, I got caught out in the rain while out getting dinner. This was just continuing a trend that started in Chicago, and also happened to be in Stockholm.

My departing train from Copenhagen was 7 minutes late, and I only had a 15 minute connection scheduled in Hamburg, Germany, which made me a bit nervous, but ended up being fine. I must have been in an engine carriage, because it was much louder in the carriage than I’m accustomed to for European trains. A positive thing to say about that train ride: it was really cool when the train pulled into a ferry, and it took us from Denmark to Germany.