Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


I spent the last week of April in Denver, CO (24 April - 1 May). The drive to Denver was quite amazing, driving through the Rockies of Utah and Colorado. The mountain tops were all covered in snow, and even drove past a number of ski resorts still open for the season (although I imagine with a reduced selection of runs open). The drive out was also very pretty, with seemingly endless snow-covered prairies.

Unfortunately, during the week I was in Denver I was working a lot, and so didn’t get to see as much of the area as I would have liked. I did manage to have dinner in Boulder on my last night, as well as visiting a number of restaurants and breweries in the area I was staying. I really enjoyed the Airbnb that I was staying in, which was on the north side of Sloan Lake, with a lovely view of the lake and the park that surrounds it. There was quite the change in weather while I was there: starting out warm and sunny when I arrived, then being blanketed in snow later in the week, and ending with it being cold and wet.