Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


I spent the last week of this European trip in London. It was my second time in London, but my previous stay there had been very brief, only a couple days. So, I was certainly excited to see more of the city, and it did not disappoint.

On Saturday – the day after arriving – I joined 2 free walking tours: one of street art in East London and another of the City of London. Both were great, very different from each other, and would recommend both. On Sunday, I booked a bike tour, from the same company that I had used in Berlin, and it turns out they run a much smaller operation in London. Of the tours I did in London, the bike tour definitely covered more of the touristy spots, which is probably why it was the tour I enjoyed the least, even though it was a fine tour.

A friend, and former coworker, Eric lives in London. I hadn’t seen him in a number of years, so it was cool to be able to catch up with him. His company rented desk space from a WeWork location in East London, quite close to where I was staying, so I was able to meet up with him and his coworkers a couple times during my stay.