Jacob Swanner Travel Journal

Nomadic Journey

This morning I got in my car and drove away from Orlando; this was the first time since August 2000 that I’ve left Orlando with no idea of when I’ll be back and if I’ll ever live there again. I’ve moved out of my apartment, but instead of finding another permanent residence, I’m going to be nomadic for a while, living out of Airbnb rentals and the like. I don’t have a set end date for when this nomadic journey will end, instead I’m just planning on traveling around until I get tired of what I’m doing and come up with a better plan.

My strategy as I move around is to only drive a day or two between locations, then stay in each location for a week or two. As for where I’ll be going during these travels: since it’s currently winter, I’m starting by going west along the southern part of the country, avoiding the colder northern states. After reaching California, then I’ll head north along the Pacific coast, and most likely continuing in that direction until I reach Vancouver. By which time it’ll be spring, and I’ll probably start heading east along the northern states.

None of these plans are really set in stone, and those ideas I have for what I’ll be doing further in the future are much less defined. If you have any suggestions for where I should go, I would love for you to reach out and let me know.