Jacob Swanner Travel Journal

Photo Collection

I have been doing a very poor job of keeping this journal current. I haven’t written a new entry in about a month and a half. So today, while I sit in my car in Centralia, WA as my car charges, I will try to catch up with entries for the places I’ve been since that last entry.

I have been much better at keeping the journey map, that I wrote about previously, up to date with where I’ve been. So, if you are curious about of my current location, that’s probably the best thing to check.

I’ve also been creating albums on Flickr, which contain photos that I’ve been taking along the way. Those albums are grouped into a collection for this journey, if you are curious to see those. I’ve been doing a better job of uploading new photos as I go than I’ve been about writing about my experiences here, but currently there are still many photos that I have not yet uploaded.