Jacob Swanner Travel Journal

Santa Fe

I’m continuing to try to catch up on entries I’ve been meaning to write, so to that end…

I was in Santa Fe, NM from the 21st to the 27th of February. It was my first time in Santa Fe, and I really enjoyed it. I hiked on 3 different occasions, at 2 different locations, and the scenery was really quite beautiful. They like to say they have their own cuisine in New Mexico, although it mostly seems like Mexican with some tweaks. There are a number of chilies (as in peppers) that fall under the name of New Mexico chile, but all it really comes down to is if you’d like red chile sauce or green chile sauce added to your food. And both come from the same kind of chile, it’s just a matter of if the sauce was made with fresh or dried chiles.

My AirBnb hosts, Eric and Ishwari, were incredibly nice, and their “casita” that I stayed in was quite delightful. I would certainly return to Santa Fe again, and stay in the same place as well.