Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


I was originally planning on spending the weekend of 5-7 March with my brother in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, but due to conflicting schedules, I made a last minute change and booked a wonderful little AirBnb rental in Topanga canyon. The rental was a tiny house that was part of a little compound with a couple other houses and a mini farm. Unfortunately, I was there at the wrong time, so didn’t get to try the homemade goat cheese, but I did get fresh eggs.

I spent a day hiking around the Topanga canyon area, including going up to Eagle’s Rock (highly recommended) and Topanga Lookout (enjoyed the views from the drive up there more than the views from the lookout itself).

There’s all of about 4 restaurants in Topanga canyon, and apparently they are known for having bad service; luckily I only experienced that kind of service in one of the three restaurants I visited while I was there. I would certainly recommend Topanga canyon as a fun weekend getaway.