Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


I went to Vancouver, BC, Canada for my first time (1 - 8 April), and it was certainly one of the places that I have enjoyed most during this journey. I stayed in Yaletown, which was a very nice area to stay, with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby. It’s also along False Creek, with Grandville Island a short ferry ride away. It’s a beautiful city, with a mix of: skyline, water, and mountains.

I really enjoyed Grandville Island, which I visited 3 times; twice to get provisions for a picnic, that I would have shortly there after. Unfortunately, I only spent a few hours in Stanley Park, next time I’m there I will be sure to spend more time there.

I overheard a couple guys from Toronto describing Vancouver to some friends as: San Francisco Bay area mixed with Canada; that seemed true enough to me.