Jacob Swanner Travel Journal

Washington D.C.

After leaving Boston, I spent the following week (28 May - 4 June) in the Washington D.C. area, more specifically, I stayed in Arlington, VA. I hadn’t intentionally planned to be in D.C. for Memorial Day weekend, just how it turned out. But, it was nice having Monday off, which meant I had an extra day to go to museums and such. Speaking of museums, while I was there I went to a couple of old favorites: National Air & Space Museum and the National Museum of Natural History; along with a couple I don’t remember going to before: Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building and the Smithsonian Castle.

While there, I had the pleasure of spending a couple evenings with Todd, Marianna & their children. I also got to hang out with Ashley a few times, one of those times she likes to say that we saved a man’s life. I would say she tended to an unconscious man while I called 911, and the police arrived in under a minute.