Jacob Swanner Travel Journal


After leaving Amsterdam, I spent a week in northern France. This week was the only week of pure vacation during my time in Europe, actually the only week of vacation during all of my nomadic travels thus far.

I was in the area for the wedding of some friends (Guylain & Amandine). My mom and brother traveled to France for the wedding as well. Guylain’s sister, Valérie, rented a large house in the coastal village of Wissant for her extended family to stay in, and my family members and I were lucky enough to be able to stay there as well.

While there, in addition to attending the wedding and associated celebrations, we also hiked up one of the nearby coastal capes, which provided a spectacular view. We also visited some of the nearby cities (Boulogne & Calais) and an aquarium.

I spent the last day of that week in Pontruet, staying other friends in the same extended family. I always enjoy visiting with all these friends in France – it’s like visiting with relatives – which probably explains why I do it so often.